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The show must go on! 2020 and 2021 have thrown numerous issues at us all, but we are back, and we plan to have a Christmas 2021 to remember for the right reasons! The Party Kingdom Christmas Experience is suitable for buggies, wheelchairs and is inclusive for all.

Take a look at customer photos and reviews from last year.

If you do not receive an email after your booking , do not panic, take a screen shot for your own peace of mind. When you come to visit us, Father Christmas already knows you are attending so you do not need to show any booking confirmation.

Imagine the wonderment on your children’s faces as they enter our magical world of make believe. It is only your own booking group that will go around our Christmas Experience together. Other bookings will be spaced out to make sure that each group has their own individual time with each of our fantastic characters, making this a personal experience for everyone.

Mother Christmas will make sure you have all you need to complete your magical journey through The Party Kingdom, and your children will help our elves sort out the mischief made by Trixie, our silly elf who often ends up on the naughty list!

The children will be able to make Christmas wishes with the beautiful Christmas Fairy , and take their own magical Christmas wishes home, all ready for Christmas Eve.

Go through our magic wardrobe and you will all enter our fabulous Winter Wonderland. A place where the snow is not cold, and it is not wet, so the kids can enjoy an exciting snowball fight (with their own snowballs) and see if they can throw their snowballs into Marshmellow Man’s mouth?

It is then into the hub of all the Christmas activity. The Elf Workshop! The list on the wall lets our elves know who is on the good list. If your children find their names on the wall, they can choose an arts & craft from the workshop elf to take home and complete.

But, how is the Good Girl & Boy List updated? Find out how the Magical Owls get all the information about your children throughout the year, and regularly update Father Christmas. You may even get a chance to see an ‘Owl Update’ arrive if you are very lucky!

With an extra bit of magic, the magic spell will work and allow your group into the grotto area where they will see Father Christmas.  Before you see the big man, your child can find their very own Santa letter from the most recent delivery (please read our FAQ on this)  Once they have found it, they will be able to take it in to Father Christmas (Your entire booking will need to go in to see Father Christmas together, if you want to split, you will need to book 2 booking slots. Father Christmas will chat to your children about what they want for Christmas, and their latest owl update.

**Please Note – We have an independent professional photographer available to take a family photograph in the grotto, this is NOT included in the price for this year’s event and photographs can be purchased on the day using contactless payments.

It is then on to the Elf Post Office, where the presents are wrapped and ready to be sent out to the Good Girls & Boys. Your children will be able to choose which present they would like to be delivered to them down the shoot!

Will you find Trixie on your travels???

Our shop is at the end where you will able to find cost effective mementos of your visit to us

Please bring a bag as you will collect a few things on your magical journey

This year’s Christmas Experience will take about 60 minutes approximately. You can take your own photographs throughout the experience. We ask you to send us your pictures, and post with the #PartyKingdomEssex on all your social media – all reviews are in with a chance of wining a child’s ticket for next year. We will chose 10 lucky winners on the 1st Feb 2022, so make sure your reviews are posted by then!!!

Due to limited car parking, we ask you to attend in as few as cars as you possibly can as  Father Christmas takes up a lot of room with his sleigh and reindeer!

We do ask a lot of information about the children you are bringing to the Experience. Depending  which event you have booked, will depend on what pieces of information we use to make your experience the best it can be. As a minimum, we need your child’s name and age, the rest is optional.

Adult tickets can be purchased for children aged 13, and over, if they are on a booking that includes at least 1 full paying child, and 1 adult over the age of 18. The 13 plus child would not receive a present etc. If they do require the present, please purchase a child’s ticket.

Please choose a time slot that has enough tickets for every one who is attending. When tickets are getting low, the number left will be visible. If no number is showing it means that there is still a lot of tickets available at that time slot.

Find us at Smithfields Nursery, Woodham Road, Battlesbridge, SS11 7QW

If you have any questions, please check our FAQs first, or, if they do not help, please message us on our Facebook page.

This year’s event include:

* A quality present for each child (and baby ticket)
* An activity from the Elf Workshop, for each child to take home and enjoy (This is not included in a baby ticket)
* A chat with Father Christmas
* 2 snowballs, per child (this is not included in a baby ticket), to throw at each other for your own mini snowball fight in our Winter  Wonderland, and to take home to carry on the fun!
* Seeing the Magical Owls
* Take home a magical Christmas wish with the Wishing Elf
* Mother Christmas
*This year’s story
* Seeing the Christmas Fairy
* Fun & games all the way around the experience
* Our fabulous Elves, including the one and only, Trixie! What has that naughty elf been up to this time? Trixie may have something special for your children as well…
* Plus, lots and lots of the The Party Kingdom Magic…

Take a look at customer photos and reviews from last year


1 review for Christmas Experience

  1. Charlie (verified owner)

    Absolutely brilliant. We go back year after year. A truly magical experience enjoyed by myself and my little girl

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