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We are so excited to share our Christmas Experience which has been re-worked so it’s even more magical than ever before!

After checking in, it is straight into the Elf workshop where Mother Christmas will help your children complete their arts and crafts, which of course they can take home as a memento of your visit to us. During their time in the Workshop, the children can also see if their name is in the Good Book. It is interactive this year and will create lots of excitement.

And, when you are ready it’s on to the Winter Wonderland, offering all the winter thrills that children love whilst in a warm and dry environment. This year we have 4 different sections, plenty of time and space to have a full-on snowball fight. Plenty of photo oppportnities, throwing snowballs at the Snow Monster, and seeing how high you can get our ice cubes. Our snow rooms are so much fun, full of our magical snow where is not cold and it is not wet.

Your children can see the Christmas Fairy’s beautiful carriage set in her wooded area, surrounded by Christmas Wishes, a lovely photo opportunity for you. Our charity Wishing Well will also be set up in this area, last year we raised over £1000 for Phoenix Ward, the Paediatric ward at Broomfield Hospital. We would love to beat that this year, so please bring some loose change to pop in.

This year our special Santa’s Train will continue your little ones Christmas adventure towards Father Christmas. Please Note: The train will be weather permitting.

After their exciting train ride, the children can then find their very own Santa Letters (please see our FAQ’s) and then it is time to see the Big Man himself for a personalised chat.

This year, you will be able to purchase hard copies of the photographs taken during your festive visit, but we are also offering you the chance to buy these photos (and videos) on a Santa USB stick for a reduced price. You can also pre-purchase a USB Santa stick during the checkout section for a reduced price, saving £10 on the price you would pay on the day. The Santa USB stick will include all the photos taken by us. Photo opportunities may vary day to day.

A trip then to the Elf Post Office.. This year your child can choose which present they want, as part of reducing our carbon footprint, we have opted not to wrap the children’s presents. This gives them a fantastic opportunity to choose which present they would like to take home with them.

Will you see Trixie the cheeky elf, and what wil that elf have been up to this year?

There is so much more to this year’s festive experience be prepared for some amazing surprises that the entire family can enjoy.

Some important information about your visit – please read all of our FAQ‘s which will answer the majority of your questions about your visit.

Once, you have placed your order, you will be able to download an invite for your child, from Father Christmas, inviting them to visit him at The Party Kingdom. The invite will give the date, and the time of your visit, please bring this with you and show it to the elf at check in.

During the checkout process you will also be able to upgrade to a premium Elf pack which will include a personalised golden ticket, see our FAQ’s to find out what else your child will receive in this pack. (Available until 4th November 2023)

You will receive an order confirmation via email. This email will give you all the information you will need about your child’s Santa letter. You can find out more about this in our FAQ’s, Please make sure that [email protected] is not blocked as lots of people end up with our important emails in their junk folder.

There is a limit of 10 people per family booking. This is the maximum amount of people we can have in the grotto. All people on the same booking will need to go in to see Santa together. If you want to see him individually you will need to make 2, or more bookings.

As, in previous years, we suggest you wear flat shoes, so you can join in with the fun and bring a bag to collect the items your children will collect on their magical journey with us.

We do ask for some of your childrens details to try and make your visit as magical as possible. We cannot guarantee what Santa will say from your information.

You will be outside for a short period, so we recommend that you dress according to the weather, including wellies if it is wet.

Baby buggies are welcome, but we ask you not to bring wide double buggies due to size restrictions in certain areas.

Our car parking is limited, so please arrive in as few cars as possible, as Father Christmas needs some space to park his sleigh, our Transport Elves are there to help you.

Please do not arrive more than 20 minutes before your timed visit as you may be asked to come back. You can purchase refreshments while you are waiting for your exciting adventure to start.
Please Note: you must finish all refreshments before you enter our Winter Wonderland areas.

Included in our 2023 Christmas Experience:
 Invite from Father Christmas (downloaded after your booking) – We are able to send a text only version at a later date.
 Option to upgrade to a Deluxe Elf Pack
 Arts and Crafts with Mother Christmas
 4 Winter Wonderland Sections
 Santa’s Train (Weather Permitting)
 6 new amazing interactive sections
 Personal family visit to Father Christmas
 Present from The Elf Post Office
 Favourite Christmas Characters
 Lots of fun, and interactive games throughout


26 reviews for Christmas Experience

  1. Charlie (verified owner)

    Absolutely brilliant. We go back year after year. A truly magical experience enjoyed by myself and my little girl

  2. Kerry Gellard (verified owner)

    We have been to many large Christmas Experiences, and I wasn’t sure what to expect here. I need not have been concerned! It was amazing from start to finish. My older son is autistic so I worry sometimes that he will not be able to do some experiences or sit still for stories etc. I have to say this is so hands on and we were kept moving throughout without being rushed, with enough time on every scene to keep his interest and join in with the elves! Very interactive and lots of fun games and the snow part was so much fun! Presents galore, at all different stages. Please remember to take your kids letters as their faces when they spot them is absolutely incredible as they recognise their letters. The elves were awesome throughout and the Santa looked amazing! Photos were fab and it was all so reasonably priced I kept thinking that’s it now, that’s it… and it went on and on it was definitely value for money! A calm wonderful evening out. 2 extremely happy boys equals an ecstatic mummy!!!

  3. David (verified owner)

    Amazing Experience, and worth every penny! My 2 boys loved it they were entertained for start to finish. The thought and effort that went into the whole experience was truly amazing. You will not be disappointed.

  4. Christine Clark

    It was AMAZING I can only confirm What David the previous reviewer put. He is so right. my granddaughter was entertained by the Elves from start to finish. You wouldn’t be entertained any better if you went up to the west end. There was no pressure to have photos and could take photos as you went round. Father Christmas as really lovely and very thoughtful asking if it was okay to give my granddaughter a high five which she thought was brilliant doing that with Father Christmas and also asked if it was okay to put an arm round her shoulders for a photo with her.
    I have to say the photo on her own and our family photo with him were the best we have ever had. It was an all round brilliant experience for the whole family.

  5. Keeley Thorne (verified owner)

    After seeing reviews about queues I was debating cancelling especially with a 1 year old around dinner time!
    However as the customer service and communication has been amazing throughout updates with staff illnesses etc we choose to go. I can see why as the elves (staff Illness) was important but they were all amazing.
    I am so glad we did not cancel. We have done many experiences but this has been the best one yet so much so my daughter asked if we can book again for next year already. There was surprise after surprise and just overall amazing. I still have snow over the buggy and in our hair 🙂
    Please don’t be put off by peoples comments of queues and moaning comments.

  6. Charlotte Rogers

    Absolutely amazing! A fantastic Christmas experience from start to finish, cannot recommend enough. Around every corner there are more and more surprises and fun for the children, every time we thought we were near the end, there was something else going on! The elves and the big man himself were amazing with the children, all in character the whole time making the whole experience come to life! The elves were full of energy and thoroughly entertaining! Our favourite bit was winter wonderland, throwing snowballs and playing in the snow!
    The Party Kingdom is amazing and wouldn’t go anywhere else!

  7. Daisy Covington

    Absolutely amazing from start to finish!
    The elf’s were so lovely and entertaining the whole way round.
    Father Christmas took his time talking to my son and was happy to take pictures he was the real deal my little boy loved it as did we.
    We have been to lots of Christmasy places but this was the best by far so magical for both children and the adults.
    Can not wait to go back next year I would highly recommend!

  8. Haley Duffin

    Amazing and magical Christmas experience we have been going a couple of years now and my little one loves it and so do we. Although last year we couldn’t get tickets hoping to go again this year fingers crossed.

  9. Haley Duffin

    Amazing and magical Christmas experience we have been going a couple of years now and my little one loves it and so do we. Although last year we couldn’t get tickets hoping to go again this year fingers crossed.

  10. Simon Bellotti

    We have been for the past 2-3 years and are constantly amazed by the efforts and goodwill of the owners and staff. This is a not-for-profit organisation provided by a lovely family who just want to provide a magical time for families at Christmas.
    It is the most wonderful experience for people of all ages and many families seem to come year after year after year.
    Yes, prices have spiked, but that is the world we live in right now. Everything has gone through the roof and I feel sure that The Party Kingdom will do everything possible to give families the most wonderful Christmas experience.
    Thank you for all that you do, we are looking forward to coming back again.

  11. Holly

    We had an amazing Santa experience from start to finish. Kids and adults had the best time we all agreed it’s the best one we’ve been too! Thank you again for giving the kids such an enjoyable time and for being so accommodating. We will definitely book again next year!

  12. Laura (verified owner)

    We visited yesterday with our two girls 5 and 2 1/2 one of which has SEN.

    The event was so well organised from the chaps assisting with parking to every step along the route.

    It was the most magical experience with so much to see and do for everyone, all the staff are so welcoming, and in perfect character, especially clumsy elf, who my SEN daughter was shouting at because he couldn’t follow her directions (that was his character) which made the younger one absolutely crack up laughing. Although not the cheapest around (or most expensive) it is so magically festive and spot on the big man himself spends the time getting to know the children you don’t feel rushed at any point.

    Loved it thank you.

  13. lydia thomas (verified owner)

    Amazing experience for adults and children! Highly recommend 100% with the price

  14. Tara Stone (verified owner)

    Excellent experience from start to finish. The whole event is interactive and engaging for both children and adults. All events and tasks were appropriate and festive. My boys loved it and thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing. I also thought the admin and information provided was really good. We would definitely return to the party kingdom for next year’s Christmas experience.

  15. Montana Tooley-Patterson (verified owner)

    This is our second consecutive year celebrating with the Christmas party experience and it’s still as magical as ever even with the move! This time we bought the whole family with us and even Grandad was amazed! Every single elf was in character at all times and engaging with the children and Santa…. Well Santa was the REAL Santa…. Even made a believer out of an unsure 8year old, who walked in telling us the big man’s not real.

    Thank you to everyone involved in the whole experience we had an amazing time

  16. Claire Arkwright (verified owner)

    It pains me to say this but the experience was actually not a patch on the two previous years we’ve come too. Our time was 5.15pm on a Sunday so I don’t know if was getting close to closing but we were rushed through so quickly we completed it all in 35 minutes! The elves seemed very conscious of keeping things moving at a pace and as much as they were in character they weren’t interacting as well as in previous years. We weren’t given many opportunities to take photos (we were quickly rushed through the light tunnel – my favourite part in previous years) and the snowball fights were lacklustre. It was disappointing to get to the Santa part and although we’d handed in both childrens letters on entrance, one of them was not there. Although it was quickly located the children were sad their letters weren’t on santas desk (I imagine as there is more than one Santa now) – this lost the magic completely for our 8 year old.
    I’m really disappointed as this is the only Santa experience we ever book – and I don’t think we’ll be returning next year….

  17. Sarah (verified owner)

    Amazing time, magical for both my children and us adults! I loved how they made the experience personal will be booking next year thank you again

  18. Emma (verified owner)

    It was a good experience, and my daughter had a great time. The only negatives were that it felt a lot more rushed than previous years and Santa kept calling my son Leo instead of Theo.

  19. Alix (verified owner)

    Have attended every year since my daughter was young and have to say was very disappointed this year.
    We completed the whole thing in around 30 minutes and each part we was rushed through and then stuck behind someone else so then had to watch them before they started over again with us and it lost all the magic!
    Some of the highlights of previous years was stuffing the teddy’s and the man with the owls which have gone now and it’s all quick 1 minute games before your ushered on.
    Santa also kept saying my daughters name wrong even tho he had been corrected 3 times previously and then was charged £15 for a photo which I don’t remember it ever being that expensive.
    Long story short left with magic lost and won’t be returning again.

    • partykingdom (verified owner)

      We are sorry that you did not enjoy our experience this year as much as previous years. All feedback is taken as a way of improving the next year’s experience.
      The stuffing of a Teddy was actually 4 years ago, and things had to change with Covid which is unfortunate with regards to arts and crafts. We stil set up this year’s experience, just in case our friend Covid put in another appearance so we could react accordingly. The Owl Man has not been with us for at least 2 years, we normally have an Owl Lady, but due to Bird Flu was unable to attend this year, which was a shame, but our elves were brilliant in that section. The photos are run by another independant company, the price of the pictures had gone up by £1 this year to take into account of their increases in price rises, however, we allow people to take photos in all areas, so that you do not need to purchase the photo, it is your choice.

      We also randomly time customers arriving and leaving, with over 22 sections, the average family took 60 minutes, the quickest we found was 45 minutes, but these tended to be early customers, with no one holding them up in front. Most people took between 50 and 70 minutes to complete the entire experience, we have no idea how you were able to get through in just 30 minutes, maybe if you coud email us with the time and date you attended, we can look back at the CCTV.

  20. Emily salmons (verified owner)

    Great experience had by all my family. All encountered staff where friendly and welcoming. Santa was of a high standard the real one! The activities really got my shy children involved. The only reason you have lost a star is we felt very rushed this year! As soon as the elf we where with saw another family, the activity we where doing was stopped. Or rushed us to finish. No time was spent as in previous years just enjoying time as a family eg. Throwing snow at it other without someone hovering over us. Pressuring us to finish. I understand things needed to change to help the cost of living. But feeling pressured all the time made it lose the sparkle and fun we have had the past 3 years with you.

    • partykingdom (verified owner)

      Thanks for your reply, we use all feedback to improve for the following year. We have already made changes to next year’s experience and we will not have an elf in the Winter Wonderland areas to stay with the family, as it does seem to have restricted how mad people went in that section. We will now have 2 ‘free for all’ sections, with the last one a calm down section.

      We have lots of new things for next year as well which we are very excited about, Happy New Year to you all xxx

  21. Katrina Allen (verified owner)

    We came to see the Elves and Father Christmas on Saturday late afternoon. Was a lovely Christmas experience. Our girls really enjoyed all the activities with the elves before seeing Father Christmas. Was extra special when they see their names on the nice list and also the letters they have written. Definitely recommend this experience. Thank you

  22. Karla Gold (verified owner)

    We’ve been going every year now for the last 4 years and honestly it’s our favourite Christmas experience there is (and trust me I’ve done them all) the thought and effort behind each and every “scene” is beyond words and the actors are always top notch. Everything from start to finish is fab and my only complaint is we always want more we could stay all day. Thank you Party Kingdom for keeping the magic alive for us x

  23. Robyn Riley (verified owner)

    This Christmas was the first year we finally got round to booking the party kingdom as we have missed out in previous years due to the dates being sold out and WOW so glad we did as the whole experience was amazing!
    Our children are 5 and 2 years old and were completely taken in by all the excitement and followed the lead of every Elf they met along the way! The elves were fantastic with the children and us adults too and really got the whole family involved the whole way round!
    The mini experiences throughout made it even more magical, to making your own snow to take home, to having a snowball fight, to making reindeer food and finding your name on the list was just the cherry on top!
    Both of our boys have already asked to go back to play with the elves next year which we will certainly be doing thank you to all the staff

  24. Taj (verified owner)

    I just want to commend the extreme effort they put to make the events lovely and enjoyable.

  25. Tina

    We visited yesterday for the first time and it definitely will not be our last, the whole experience from start to finish was magical (even us adults were mesmerized) I wold just like to commend every member of staff you were all amazing!!

  26. Haleigh (verified owner)

    We had the best time at the party kingdom, our 2nd time coming and really enjoyed it. There was so much included and the kids enjoyed every bit of it. My 5 year old was amazed to find his letter there, and my 8 year old said that it was definitely the real elves and santa. The elves interaction with us was fantastic – my husband kept asking why everyone was so happy (but he is a bit of a grinch)! Can’t wait to come back next year.

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