Old Oak Farm, Rectory Lane, Latchingdon, CM36HB. There is a map at the bottom of this page to help you

The Christmas Experience is mainly inside but you will need to go outside for a short period of time, so we advise you dress according to the weather

Father Christmas cannot wait to chat to your little one in his wonderful grotto. All the people on your booking will go in to see Father Christmas together, if you want to split into 2, or more groups, you will need to make more bookings. Please note: To enable your children to have the best possible experience, there is a maximum of 10 people in the grotto at any one time.

Please make sure that we have your child’s name down correctly ( for unusual names, please make sure you put it down phonetically as well, so Father Christmas knows how to say it)

Father Christmas will make your chat as personal as posisble. During checkout give a little detail that Father Christmas can say to your child to make it more magical. For example; how well that they have been doing at swimming and are in a green hat now.
We cannot guarantee what Father Christmas will say to your children.

The area is mainly on one level, and there are ramps in certain areas. Please mention to a Transport Elf in the car park that you have a wheelchair and they will get you to a suitable parking slot.

Please Note: We are unable to get a wheelchair on to Santa’s Train.

We have unisex toilet facilities all through the Christmas experience. We also have a disabled toilet.

We recommend that your family uses the toilet facilities near the entrance before commencing on your magical journey. Although we do have toilet facilities in the experience, the nearest one may be 10 minutes away from the section that you are in. Please ask your elf if you need to use the facilities and they will advise you where the nearest toilet is.

Some toilets will also have baby change facilities and we have a baby feeding room in the first barn. Just ask your elf and they will help you as best they can.

This year’s event is set up so that as you journey through our magical kingdom, you will be with your booking group and will be completely personal.  It is a one way system. There may be some sections where you will see one, or more other booking groups.

You will pass various seasonal scenes seeing our fantastic characters, all helping to build on the excitement, and magic, of Christmas. We have introduced many new, interactive things to do.

Government guidelines may change, and if they do, we will update our Facebook page, and website with all the relevant information that you will need.

This event is inclusive for all. As you will proceed through The Party Kingdom our fantastic characters will adapt to your individual children. The Party Kingdom has set aside Saturday 25th November as a SEND day.

If you are a registered carer or in receipt of a DLA, please email us with all the details of
your very own superhero to [email protected] and we may be able to give you a special discounted code, subject to availability (see our

If you are bringing the baby (of any age) to the Experience with no other children, you will need to pay for a child ticket.

If you are also bringing a full paying child, you can purchase a Baby Ticket. A baby ticket will include a gift from Santa in the Elf Post Office. A baby ticket is for babies up to 14 months old. A child 15 months, and over will require a child ticket

A baby up to 14 months can go free of charge (if accompanying a full paying child on the same booking) but the baby will not get a present or arts and crafts (please advise us in the note section of the checkout)

Please note: Buggies are welcome but we ask you not to attend with a wide, double buggy as we have some width restrictions in some areas.

At The Party kingdom we aim to create as much magic as we can for the children who visit us.  We are asking you to bring a Santa Letter with you for each child that is attending  the Experience.

It  is VERY important that the children do not know that you are bringing this letter with you.

Place each child’s letter inside a plain envelope that has the child’s name on it. When you check in, there will be an area where you can place your ‘paperwork’ (Your santa letters need to be discreetly placed in here)

If this does not work with your normal family tradition, please send in a letter from your child to Santa about how well they have done at swimming etc.

If you wish to take the letter back home with you after your Santa visit please ask for it back as you leave the grotto. Once you have left it may not be possible to get it back for you.

If you are bringing a very young child to the event, you may decide not to worry about this, or you could do it for them.

The letter needs to be as unique as possible, with stickers, drawings etc. so that your child can easily recognise it as their own and that their name is clearly legible on the letter. We do ask that you ask your child to use a strong colour as it can be hard for Santa to read light colours as his grotto is a bit darker.

We will refer to these Santa letters as your PAPERWORK

Please place each child’s letter in a plain, unsealed envelope, 1 envelope per child. Envelopes will not be able to be returned.

It is not possible to add additional people to your booking once it has been completed on our system. We have a maxium number of people per booking (10 people), if your total number of people is less than this please complete the forms below and we may be able to add extra visitors on, but cannot guarantee it. Any additional changes need to be made within 48 hours of your time slot and will incur an adminstration charge of £12 per change, or addition.

Add Extra Adults
Add Extra Children

If you want to go around with another group, you will need to book adjacent booking slots. You will also need to go in to see Father Christmas together as one booking. If you do not want anyone else present during your visit to Santa, you will need to go around the experience individually

We have a maximum of 10 people in the grotto to make sure that your children have the best possible experience. If your two groups are 10 or less, you can go around together.

We accept cash, and card on site.

Bookings for our Christmas Experience are only taken on our secure website.

If you have taken out the Booking Guarantee, you are able to make 1 change to your booking within 48 hours of your visit. Your booking will be refundable up to 48 hours prior to your booking date and time. We are unable to refund a partial booking.

If you have not taken out the Booking Guarantee you will be charged an administration charge of £12 for every change made to your booking.  All changes will need to be made 48 hours prior to your time slot. You will not get a full, or partial refund for whatever reason.

Any Change Requests need to complete BOOKING CHANGE REQUEST

Tickets are non transferable.  If you have taken out the Booking Guarantee you are able to make 1 change up to 48 hours prior to your visit. Your booking is also refundable up to this point.

You can update your personal details if you have the Booking Guarantee without charge, once. Subsequent changes are charged at £12 per change, up to 48 hours prior to your time slot.

If you do not have the Booking Guarantee, you will be charged an adminstration fee of £12 for every change to your booking.

Any changes to your details must be made at least 48 hours prior to your visit to us. Any changes must be made by completing a booking change request

Assistant dogs are permitted in the experience as long as we have had an email notification of this. No other pets are allowed.

This event is completely inclusive for all children, and adults.

During your magical journey with us, you will be mainly in your own family group. Our elves are able to adapt to make sure that all of our visitors have the best possible experience with us.

Toilet facilities are available during the Experience. Accessible toilets are available at the front, and towards the end of the Experience.

In some areas, you may have to wait until you reach the section that has the toilet. Please ask your elf to find your nearest toilet.

You can take your own photos, and videos all the way around the experience but we do ask you not to take any videos, or photos with Santa with a light on as it is very distracting for him. 

We would love to see your wonderful pictures so please tag us
Twitter – @BestEssexSanta

Facebook – @thepartykingdom 

Insta – #thepartykingdomessex

TikTok – @thepartykingdomessex

Youtube- @thepartykingdom 

Or you could upload them to a review on our website

You will be able to purchase photos from the grotto and  also our fantastic green screen this year where your child will be able to fly through the snowy sky with a snowman. You can purchase a video and pictures from this exciting adventure.

Please check any issues with photos on your USB within 48 hours or we may not be able to retrieve your photos

During the checkout process you will have the opportunity to purchase a USB stick.  Official photos are taken in some of the Experiences’s sections, plus in Santa’s Grotto  If you decide to add this when you purchase your tickets you will save a massive £10 from the on the day price. It is very good value for money.

Please Note: there is a variety of photo sections and they may not all be the same each day.

USB sticks  can be purchased  on the day, you will automatically get all the photos and the video taken by us. When you arrive at check in, you will be given your USB Santa stick. Please take care of it as we will not be able to re-issue another one. Please hand it in to the photo collection area.

You can also decide to purchase a hard copy of a particular picture that you love on the day of your visit.
Please review  The Party Kingdom Media Policy and opt out if you do not wish for your images to be used by The Party Kingdom

We have hard standing parking on site, but it is limited so please try and attend the Experience in as few as cars as possible.

We do advise that you wear suitable footwear, especially if it has been raining, our car park does have puddles!

Transport Elves will help you park, we have to get as many cars in as possible, so please try and park as close as you can.

Please do not arrive any more than 20 minutes before your time slot.

Please arrive no more than 20 minutes before your time slot. Transport elves will help you park. Please make your way to the entrance, with your entire booking group, 5 minutes before your ticket time (unless you are advised differently by a Transport Elf)

All adults have to attend the Christmas Experience event with a child due to our Safeguarding Policy.

Adult tickets can be purchased for children aged 13, and over, as long as they are on a booking that includes at least 1 full paying child, and 1 adult over the age of 18. The 13 plus child would not receive a present etc. If they do require the present, or there is not another child, please purchase a child’s ticket.

If the Christmas Experience has to close, due to a change in Government guidelines, we will issue you a credit note, for the total value of your booking, to use against our event in 2024.

If the Christmas Experience remains open, and you are unable to attend for whatever reason, we will offer a full refund (if you have our Booking Guarantee, and you have given us 48 hours notice via email).

If you do not have our Booking Guarantee, or you have not given us 48 hours notice via email, you will not get a refund.

We work very hard to keep any queues to a minimum, but queues may form at certain busy times, we ask you for your patience with the understanding that we are doing everything we can to mitigate any queue

Transport elves may ask you to wait in your car when you arrive to control any queue. It is our priority to help you have the best Christmas Expereince with us.

You can purchase hot and cold drinks and snacks from our kiosk. All drink and food, including baby’s bottles must be consumed before you go in to the Winter Wonderland areas.

Your child will take home their arts and crafts and also a present from the Elf Workshop. We suggest that you bring a bag with you to carry their items.

The Party Kingdom has set aside Saturday 25th November as a SEND date. Please email [email protected] if you are a registered carer or in receipt of a DLA. Please give us the details of your very own superhero and we may be able to issue you a discounted coupon code (subject to availability)

This year we have included a Booking Guarantee. This means that, up to 48 hours, prior to your booking you can make 1 change to the booking details or even a full refund for your tickets. This does not include any extra add ons or the price paid for Booking Guarantee

We are unable to refund a partial booking even with the Booking Guarantee.

If possible we will endeavour to change the date of your booking, but this is only subject to availabillity.

Subsequent changes will incur a £12 administration fee.

All changes must be made by completing a Booking Change Request  with a minimum of 48 hours before your time slot with us.

During the checkout we are giving our guests the option to purchase a Premium Elf Pack. This will add to your children’s excitement. These Premium Elf Packs can be purchased even if you are not attending The Party Kingdom Christmas Experience.

Each pack will contain

A Congratulations Certificate from the Head Elf.
Nice List Certificate with an official wax seal
A personalised letter from Santa
Minimum of 6 personalised letters that you can hand out during the run up to Christmas
Grow your own Christmas tree kit
Mother Christmas’s Exclusive Recipe
A pack of quality pencils and a colouring sheet
Plus a little something that will ‘prove’ the elves have been to your house on Christmas Eve.

You will also get a fully personalised Golden Ticket inviting your children to see Father Christmas.

Please note: Each letter etc. will be personalised with all the children’s names on your booking.

We will send the Premium Elf Packs out in October / November so you will receive them in plenty of time

The Booking Guarantee, Premium Elf Pack and USB Package are pre-selected. You can untick the boxes on the next page and they will come off your booking total.

It is a fact that many children are starting not to believe at a much earlier age. Although this is a shame, The Party Kingdom have adapted this year’s event. Even children who are on the cusp of believing, and even non believers, will have a brilliant time. We have added many interactive areas that will really encourage the older ‘ too cool for Santa’ kids, and the younger ones to become fully immersed in the Christmas Experience.

Do not panic, Tech Elf will be sending all customers a copy of their Santa Invite nearer to the time of their visit. You can take a picture of it if you want to.

The Experience is expected to last around 60 / 70 minutes as a guide

This year, in a way to try and reduce our carbon footprint, we are allowing each child to chose their own present. This present will not be wrapped.  Your child will be able to see the various presents that are available and with your help, choose the most appropriate one.  The Party Kingdom will offer a full range of presents and whatever you chose is entirely up to you. The Party Kingdom are not responsible if the present chosen is not appropriate.

The Party Kingdom has set aside Saturday 25th November as a SEND / carer date. Please email [email protected] if you are a registered carer or in receipt of a DLA. We may be able to issue you a discounted coupon code (subject to availability)

We are not able to offer a carer tickets on other dates. We aim to keep our adult tickets prices as low as possible.

We are trying to make your visit as personal as possible. There is a limit of 100 per child as Santa does not have a lot of time to remember the childrens’ information.

Please keep it simple; For Example: Johnnie loves West Ham & really enjoyed starting school this year

You could also make a note about the main present that they want.

Santa will pick bits of information to make your Santa visit as magical as possible but we cannot guarantee what Santa actually does say to your child during your visit

We are trying to make your visit as personal as possible. If your child has a pet, please give us its name and what type of pet it is.

Santa will pick bits of information to make your Santa visit as magical as possible but we cannot guarantee what Santa actually does say to your child during your visit

There is a bit of tech involved with this year’s experience. If it goes wrong on the day and we are unable to load your Santa USB, or print off your chosen photo, we will take your order number and arrange to get it sent to you free of charge.