The Party Kingdom (T/AS Props & Frocks) will supply the event package that you have booked, and paid for, on the day specified.

The Party Kingdom reserves the right to refuse, modify and amend the booking. The Party Kingdom will keep you informed of any changes that have been made due to circumstances beyond their control.

The Party Kingdom will only accept an order once full payment has been made

The Party Kingdom will contact you via email to confirm your booking, and, payment details

Pre-contract, the Party Kingdom will give a clear description of the event package and has made all reasonable endeavours to ensure that all information is accurate.

Open events are not applicable for a refund, nor are they transferrable.

If you are unable to attend any Open event held at The Party Kingdom, for whatever reason, including adverse weather conditions, or illness,  you will not be issued with a refund.

When booking the Christmas Grotto, any changes to any of the details, present, best friend etc. must be made at least 14 days before the day of the booking. Changes cannot be made within 14 days of the booking date.

We ask you for personal information regarding the children you are bring to the the Christmas Experience, The Party Kingdom is not responsible for any mistakes that have been put down on the form. This information may be read out in front of other people so please make sure it is appropriate (not applicable for the 2020 Social Distanced Event)

Photographs taken in the grotto may be emailed to you in the event of a technical difficulty (not applicable for the 2020 Social Distanced Event)

Toilets are provided, and will be sanitised regularly during the day but are used at your own risk

All adults are requested to only take photographs and /or videos of their own children

Some events are based outside and The Party Kingdom reserves the right to cancel an event due to the weather for Health & Safety reasons.

Flashing lights, smoke machines, and loud noises are part of the Christmas Experience

Although every care is taken, The Party Kingdom cannot be held responsible for any injury, while using any of the equipment at The Party Kingdom.

We take lots of care chosing the presents for the children for different age ranges. Some of these presents will include paints etc. which may stain clothing, The Party Kingdom cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by the paint etc. given to your child in their present.

Presents are sorted by age, sometimes the same present can be given 2 years running, please make a note of the any present they have had before during the checkout to stop that happening

Although every due care and attention is taken, including a risk assessment before each event, The Party Kingdom is not liable for any injury to person or loss (or damage) to personal property.

Anyone not acting in an appropriate manner to this Children’s event will be asked to leave by the Management at The Party Kingdom.

Any typographical, clerical or other error, or omission in any literature, website based information, quotation, acceptance of booking, or information issued by us shall be subject to correction without liability on our part.

All children 11 years, and under, attending the Christmas Experience must have a full paying child ticket

If the Christmas Experience has to be cancelled, due to circumstances beyond our control, tickets will be valid for the next year’s Experience. No refunds wil be given.

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